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About Long Circle
Long Circle is a provider of outsourced engineering services to companies whose products and services rely on embedded software and hardware technologies.
Long Circle provides US companies with low-risk, convenient access to China's engineering talent, manufacturing industry and emerging markets.
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       To foster a winning culture
       Past customers
       Our predecessor company served
       customers ranging from small startups to
       Fortune 500 giants.
       Here are some of the past use cases:


Our history
We have provided engineering services to US businesses since 1994. We operated as a consulting service in Massachusetts from 1994 to 2005. In 2005 we restructured our organization to become a global engineering service firm and took the name Long Circle Incorporated.
We reorganized to better serve our customers by leveraging the cost effective engineering supply in China. To provide the best value to our customers, we adopted the on-shore/off-shore business model.
Our Voice-Of-Customers (VOC) team, with members in both the U.S. and China, works closely with our U.S. clients on project definition and management, while our China Engineering Center of Excellence in Shanghai carries out the project work. In this way, our clients enjoy the cost advantages of using Chinese engineering professionals and the communication, process and cultural advantages of U.S. project management professionals.
Since 1994, we have successfully met the needs and exceeded the expectations of many US clients ranging from small start-ups to major technology companies including Motorola and Nortel.
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