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Where in the World is the Best Place to Offshore Your R&D: China or India? (WP103)
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The reality of business is that companies must do more with less to stay competitive and continually search out new ways to improve products and time-to-market to lead their markets. Top companies have long found it makes good business sense to outsource a business function - from making parts to delivering payroll - to wherever it can be done the best. With the Telecommunications Act of 1996 came the wave of fiber-optic cable and a new capability that truly enabled the IT departments of U.S. companies to plug into offshore outsourcing firms and take advantage of lower wages and cost efficiencies.

Many of these same companies have R&D departments developing embedded software and hardware and now the CTOs want to leverage offshore vendors to not only reap the same benefits of lower wages and expanded productivity, but bring better products to market sooner. Although the potential benefits are there, companies must consider two things before offshoring embedded R&D technology. First, the requirements of an R&D department that does embedded technology development for the marketplace and those of an IT department that serves employees are not the same. Second, a country's human capital may be good quality for IT projects, but may not be the best choice to meet the higher skill levels required for R&D embedded technology.

Basically, the technology offshoring choices boils down to two: China or India. China is known as "the world's factory" and produces $60 billion worth of consumer electronic goods a year. India, known as "the offshore call center," is the acknowledged leader in IT and business process outsourcing (BPO).1

Whether a CTO is searching for an offshore outsourcing vendor for a single project or a long-term partnership, the vendor's country should be a significant part of the due diligence.
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  • Where in the World is the Best Place to Offshore Your R&D: China or India?

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