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Is It Time To Outsource? Tell-tale Signs (WP105)
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Everybody's doing it. Industry leaders like General Electric and Microsoft - as well as the start up companies that are looking forward to challenging them - are outsourcing offshore. After all, every company's goal is a lean, agile research and development department that brings innovative products to market rapidly and profitably. As a business plan, outsourcing enables companies to leverage lower labor costs, including wages and health care, and focus on core competencies. Nevertheless, a "they're doing it so I will, too" decision to outsource is not a good enough reason. Outsourcing can be a powerful, profitable strategy. However, one of the challenges of outsourcing is identifying when outsourcing embedded product research and development projects will deliver the greatest return on your investment.

Long Circle recommends that you heed these tell-tale signs that let you know: It's time to put outsourcing to work for your company.
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  • Your Intellectual Property Deserves Iron-Clad Security from Your Outsourcer
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  • Where in the World is the Best Place to Offshore Your R&D: China or India?

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